1. Take a pic (*photo tips below) & Send it to us (by email at or through the 'Contact Us' form on this site)
2. Pick size  5x7, 8x10, 4x12, or 11x14 and now mini available (2x3)
3. Tell us how many you want and if you want them on separate canvases *layout options below
3. Pick your color
Questions? Other custom options you don't see?  Contact Us.
Photo Taking Tips
     •   Face the DIRECTION you want the silhouette to be displayed.  
     •   Photograph against a SOLID backdrop (i.e. a wall with no art on it).
     •   Sit up straight and be turned PERPENDICULAR to photographer (one eye and shoulder should be in the photo). 
     •   Camera should be at EYE LEVEL so that it's not tilted up or down on the subject.
     •       ENTIRE HEAD/HAIR should be in the photo (include a few inches below the shoulder and a few inches above the top of the head in the shot as close as possible). 
     •   Long hair works best in a PONYTAIL OR BUN. 
     •   Don't wear  BULKY items like a hoodie or scarf around the neck
     •   CLOSED MOUTH/RELAXED expressions typically look best.
     •   For small wiggly children it's helpful to have someone else DISTRACT them on the way they should be looking.  For extra-little non-sitters you can lay them down on their side or hold them up against the blank wall.
     •   Photos from your phone are perfectly fine just make sure when you send them to me that you send the LARGEST file size.  Send me at least 2-3 OPTIONS to work with for each silhouette.